Since 1981 our company has been a point of reference in the marketing of products for industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and bar furniture. We are a company attentive to the needs of our customers to whom we offer high quality standards. To guarantee a high level of service we use a commercial network present in the area and we have over 20,000 square meters of warehouses in which there are always more than 30,000 items. Thanks to our technical office, in which qualified personnel with many years of experience work, we are able to support you in all phases of the development of your projects, offering you advice both in the design and in the implementation part. We are manufacturers of condensing units and refrigeration units optimized for your specific needs. Using a state-of-the-art production department, we are able to manufacture machines that comply with the 2014/68 EU (Pressure Equipment Directive - Notified body: TUV Italy). We believe that the reduction of the environmental impact must also be achieved thanks to the containment of energy consumption and the achievement of high levels of reliability, in addition to the use of refrigerants that are less and less harmful to the environment; our continuous research and development and the adoption of innovative and technologically advanced solutions allow us to create and market products that offer reliability and reduced energy consumption.

The production

The production of industrial refrigeration units was created to make assemblies that are already ready to be connected to the system available to its customers, simplifying and making their realization much faster. The units are designed and built according to the highest quality standards, are tested and certified, thus allowing the installer to optimize the installation time of a system. Our production department has acquired more and more importance over time and we currently have a structure where highly qualified personnel work. Our technical department is daily engaged in research and development activities aimed at improving the product and assisting you in the selection of components and in the design of the most suitable solution for your requests. We are currently able to provide answers to customers by creating products specifically designed and built to meet specific needs, paying particular attention to environmental sustainability; for us this translates into research aimed at the use of refrigerant fluids that are always with a lower environmental impact and in the production of reliable machines that make it possible to contain emissions into the atmosphere as much as possible. We also believe that a green approach must first and foremost have as its objective the containment of energy consumption and it is in this direction that the design department has worked in recent years, achieving excellent results.